Exciting New HoneyTrain Developments!

Dear Friends and Family,

This is Jason from HoneyTrain Music Services—on behalf of the band I want to thank you for the wonderful support you have given over the years. We really appreciate it, and love our jobs as performing artists!

We are happy to announce that HoneyTrain now has two bands, HoneyTrain and now...



Led by HoneyTrain saxophonist Dennis Shafer, we have created TheBuzz with the exact instrumentation, caliber of musicians, band philosophy, and songlist as HoneyTrain in order to accommodate the tremendous interest generated by HoneyTrain over the years.


Here are TheBuzz’s new websites which include videos and pictures of the band, and tourdates where you can come see them live:


Hank Agency

We are looking forward to seeing and working with you all again this summer. We would like to offer a $200 'friends and family' discount or referral to anyone booking the TheBuzz on a date that HoneyTrain is unavailable. 

We also love getting connected on social media, so please follow us on facebook, twitter, etc and stay in touch!

Musically yours,

Jason Felitto, Manager

Honey Train Music Services