DubTrain is a rising force in the Boston music scene, bringing a fresh sound to fans of reggae, roots, and dub music. By blending covers of both the reggae classics and the deeper cuts, as well as their own original material, DubTrain is making waves through the Northeast with their unifying performances.

Listen to DubTrain's debut, self-titled, original EP here:


Credits : 

Ryan Beke - vocals, guitar, writing (Waking Up, Sylvia, Show You Off)
Joya Abbott Graves - vocals, writing (Essence)
Ryan Jordan - vocals, keyboards
Jay Felitto - bass
Rob Krahn - trombone
Andrew Krahn - saxophone
Dennis Shafer - saxophone
Kyle Ruggieri - drums, percussion, vocals, efx

All arrangements by DubTrain

Mixed by Jason Felitto at My Lady On Fire Studio, Brighton, MA
Mastered by Will Holland at Chillhouse Studios, Charlestown, MA
Cover art by Pauline Curtiss
copyright Dub Train 2016

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dubtrainboston@gmail.com  //  (518)-320-2954